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VoIP overview

VoIP gives any business a series of tools that make communications more efficient and easier to manage. These systems give you better portability, can work with your current infrastructure, and have faster and cheaper setups and installations, redundancy and customization all without compromising quality or breaking the bank.

VoIP is a technology that has been in development for over 20 years and has involved billion dollar corporations. It has been the source of an enormous amount of innovation in telecommunications. It has become a mature technology which has changed how people communicate whether it be on their office phone, their computer or their mobile device. Businesses have upgraded their networks and now it’s time for them to upgrade their telecommunications.

Top five questions to ask about VoIP

Just because your company is growing doesn’t mean you’re going to grow out of your solution. UniVoIP phone system solutions are dynamic and will grow with your organization without any license requirements.

Q: We are moving but we aren’t sure if we want to keep our current system. What should we do?
A: Working to move fixed line telephony is a long and difficult process where it is difficult to avoid any issues during your transition. Moving to a VoIP phone system solution gives your organization a great deal more flexibility. Take your phones anywhere, simply plug them in and make calls.

Q: My organization has several locations; we have multiple phones bills and not many features. Is there a better way?
A: UniVoIP can put all your locations on the same phone system solution, with one bill and multi digit extension calling between locations. You can even take a phone from one office and take it while you travel or bring it home and make calls as normal.

Q: Isn’t moving to a VoIP solution going to be expensive?
A: UniVoIP can sit down with you and look at your existing phone telephony invoices and breakdown what your costs will be. The solution we can provide your organization will be based on your exact needs and with a great deal of rich features without breaking the bank. The average savings for our customers is between 40% and 60%.

Q: I am starting a new company or opening a new location what are my options?
A: A company does not need to spend a fortune on a new telephony system in order to get up and running. If you’re a new organization or adding a location for your company. Get setup in 24 hours so you can receive calls, look professional and do business as usual.

Q: Could my business operate in the event of a disaster?
A: With UniVoIP if you had a power loss or fire or some other major work disruption your phone system solution would still operate and still be able to connect calls to cell phones and home phones as per your instructions