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Hosted PBX

Traditional Legacy PBX vs. Hosted PBX

Most companies before 2009 have Legacy phone systems. In 2009 when VoIP hit the market this started to change, Company owners started to realize that VoIP and Hosted PBX solution are a great thing. Hosted PBX systems started to form and realizations of less support and management with more features and customizable options through front end user interfaces are now available. Business owners that were not even technical were able to make changes in the Hosted PBX without having to spend a lot of money to have telco programmers / contractors come into the place of business and program the systems.

Hosted PBX solutions have also allowed companies to integrate the PBX systems into Contact management systems and Client relationship management application allowing the companies to become more productive and saving more costs overall. Legacy phones systems are much more complicated to upgrade as they usually are modular based and have many limitations. Hosted PBX solutions are dynamically changeable and can have many features without having to buy extra hardware module and equipment.

Hosted PBX Connection Flow Diagram